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I have spent a lifetime learning from my mistakes, failures and successes. And since I know that I will continue to take risks, make mistakes and strive for more success, I resolved to become a smart and fast learner. Throughout my life and career, I have been fortunate to have met great teachers, facilitators and coaches. Most seem to come into my life at the right time and not all of them were necessarily nice people. Perhaps it is true that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

My passion is to spend my time helping others become better versions of themselves. Through teaching, coaching, sharing, facilitating, challenging, provoking, inspiring.

RightCube Asia is the place for me to do all these whilst working in collaboration with other brilliant program designers, thought leaders and facilitators from across the world…all with that singular common vision of helping you to become an even better you…with purpose and with fun. We don’t just deliver programs, more importantly we challenge thinking, change behavior and help transform culture.


RIGHT CUBE ASIA offers a vast range of Management Soft Skills and Language Trainings to local companies, multinational companies, public listed companies as well as Government Linked Companies.

Our Alliances

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Our Clients

Over the past decades in the training industry, RIGHTCUBE ASIA has successfully conducted trainings for both private and public sectors. Here are some of our key clients:-

Helping You to Become a Even Better You
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Experiential Learning with EF

Management Training

Management Training
Helping You To Become An Even Better You


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