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Exciting, immersive, business-relevant, fun and infinitely more memorable than a keynote speaker or of ‘death by PowerPoint™’ (yes, we put fun and business-relevant in the same sentence). Experience the impact of well-designed, well-delivered, and well-supported learning.

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Planning and Productivity

20 – 5000 Participants | 4 – 6 hour Conference program
Challenge your business status quo by asking “What’s Possible?”

We often confuse activity with productivity. If we’re busy, we must be making headway, right? Not always. A lot of ineffective busyness can go undetected until the results come in…and then it’s too late. Teach your organization to differentiate between the activity and the productivity required to deliver results in challenging economic times.

  • Ask “What’s Possible?” instead of “What’s Required?”
  • Plan, prepare and execute—never lose sight of the objective
  • Permanently adopt a strategic mindset for any challenge
  • Face any challenge with a strategic mindset

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Breaking Down Silos

20 – 5000 Participants | 4 – 6 hour Conference program
A truly united team of teams delivers a competitive advantage.

No one is an island within any organization—we’re all customers and suppliers of each other. People often struggle to see past their own needs and miss their vital role within their organization’s grand service scheme. The symptoms are obvious: distrust, self-serving behavior and broken commitments. The results of that kind of environment are worse: compromised quality, minimal productivity and terrible customer service.

  • Live the culture and deliver individual, team and organization goals
  • Break down silos and create an environment of trust
  • Align goals and efforts at every organizational level with the ‘big picture’


20 – 5000 Participants | 2 hour Team Building program
Today, the only speed is faster, but it must be combined with focus, agility and drive to turn into a winning performance

If we can’t keep up with the pace of change and match our actions accordingly, we’re on a collision course with failure. We need the skills to quickly formulate appropriate goals, gather and evaluate information, gain team consensus and then act to obtain the best results possible. Redline Racing™ challenges you to deliver a champion’s performance in an experiential learning environment of pressures, checkpoints and stiff competition.

  • Balance action with analysis to drive toward the greatest possible outcome
  • Capitalize on the experience of those who have succeeded before
  • Course-correct in the face of shifting conditions


20 – 5000 Participants | 4 – 6 hour Conference program
The pressure to achieve can undercut how we behave and interact with others.

The quality of working relationships has a direct impact on productivity. Council of the Marble Star™ challenges you to succeed in two arenas: profit and professionalism, because how you achieve a result is as important as the result itself.

  • Negotiate and build lasting productive relationships that drive promised results
  • Synchronize culture with commerce
  • Learn to differentiate your intentions from managing the perceptions of others


20 – 5000 Participants | 4 – 6 hour Conference program
It all begins with a need, but do we truly understand that need?

Unless we identify the real customer need at the outset, all our efforts to meet that need will fall short. Once identified, how do we both satisfy that need and make a profit admist or in the face of shifting market trends, competition and tight deadlines? Rattlesnake Canyon™ animates this market scenario through a highly engaging and vivid learning experience. Step back in time—to the Wild West—and discover how to leverage effective partnerships to meet your customer’s needs and create a significant competitive edge.

  • Build effective partnerships
  • Uncover, understand and respond to the true customer need
  • Create efficient and proactive processes for workflow and customer service


20 – 5000 Participants | 4 – 6 hour Conference program
We miss opportunity if we don’t have the relevant information, can’t understand it, or fail to apply it.

Do we have the systems and checkpoints in place to adjust strategies and action plans as circumstances change? If not, how can we efficiently evaluate, plan and execute in order to capture all opportunities? This is particularly challenging when we’re operating within high pressure, deadline and results-driven environments. Expedition Outback™ is experiential learning for exactly this situation. Discover the impact of fluid and effective execution as you work together to leave competition in your dust in the Australian Outback.

  • Problem-solve, contingency plan and execute
  • Discern and leverage quality information to yield the greatest results
  • Recognize opportunities, assess their value and act for maximum gain


20 – 5000 Participants | 2 – 2.5 hour Conference program
Even if we feel like we cannot spare it, taking time to choose the right objective, then channeling the team’s time and energy towards it nets the best results.

When we feel pressured to produce, it’s easy to skip the planning stage and jump straight into action. But, if we do the analysis and make good decisions from the outset, the path to improved results becomes much clearer.

  • Recognize that time taken in planning is time saved in execution
  • Make informed decisions about which objective will produce the best results
  • Take appropriate risks from a position of strength, not desperation


20 – 5000 Participants | 2 hour Team Building program
Seemingly overwhelming goals often put us into ‘deer in the headlights’ mode—paralyzed by self-doubt and confusion.

Coral Banks Construction Company™ challenges participants with an ostensibly impossible task, however, collaboration quickly replaces paralysis as teams explore the potential for realizing thier goals. Gone is the self-doubt, with determination and focused action in its place.

  • Build unanimous focus on clearly defined goals by harnessing the power of team spirit and unity
  • Collaborate productively to share resources, assign tasks and maintain quality standards
  • Communicate effectively and frequently, leading to greater productivity and job satisfaction


20 – 5000 Participants | 4 – 6 hour Conference program
The ability to capitalize on all opportunities, not just those that are readily accessible, is what truly sets world-class companies apart.

Every business must juggle the impact of market conditions and resource management while working to maximum profit. Successfully managing these factors requires a practical, yet flexible plan. Windjammer™ lets you experience how to juggle it all successfully as a team to increase both profit and efficiency, no matter which way the wind is blowing.

  • Expand your profit focus through planning, goal-setting, team-building and execution
  • Adjust team tactics and resources to be able to respond quickly to market conditions
  • Prioirtize objectives to take advantage of profit peaks


20 – 5000 Participants | 1 ½ to 2 hour Conference Kick-Off program
Resources are often limited and deciding how to allocate them is challenge, but what happens to the customer while we are busy juggling behind the scenes?

Our ultimate goal is to provide the best customer service experience possible—one that results in both new and repeat business. If we can improve our resource acquisition and management, then our customer service is also sure to benefit. Movies and Moguls™ is a highly interactive experience that will jumpstart any conference or meeting—it’s a great way for people to mix, mingle and improve their personal effectiveness along the way.

  • Negotiate effectively with a wide variety of personalities (and their agendas!)
  • Identify resources with the highest value; rediscover previously undervalued ones
  • Maintain a results-centered focus while enhancing both internal and external customer service


20 – 5000 Participants | 2 to 3 Hour Team Building Program
Individuals and teams can become stuck in process ruts, repeating the same actions and getting nowhere. Business cannot wait while we spin our wheels.

Insanity, as Einstein described, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. To avoid such an unforunate demise, we need a strategy to cope with daily change and challenges. At the core of the most successful strategy is a proactive, problem-solving team that can diagnose, learn, self-correct and respond with continually improving processes and outcomes. Code Name: Enigma™ equips teams with the tools to consistently deliver this high performance standard—once experienced, every challenge will become an opportunity for team improvement.

  • Develop and continually push team standards
  • Effectively solve problems, while seeking ways to improve
  • Translate a common team language into stellar performance


20 – 500 Participants | 4 hour Skill Building program
If you want to get more decisive action out of meetings, here’s a fresh take on how to turn them into real focal points for goal achievement.

It’s an ongoing challenge to deliver on-time and within budget in the face of information overload, multiple schedules and ever-expanding job accountabilities. Meetings can have a huge impact on success if we’re equipped with an easy-to-implement process that takes us from need to deed as effectively as possible. Lord Devon’s Demise™ delivers that process. This highly immersive experiential program breathes new life into a traditionally mundane topic.

  • Assign tangible, time-lined tasks and outcomes with follow-up to confirm progress
  • Eliminate diversions and refocus on the core objectives
  • Elicit input from all involved parties


20 – 5000 Participants | 30 minute ICEBREAKER
Dog Chicken Dog is a dynamic ‘get them out of their seats’ icebreaker exercise for large conferences.

With no facilitator required, it cleverly delivers the concepts of individual contribution, personal accountability and group synergy. It won’t change the world, but it will infuse your group with vigor and enthusiasm.

  • Appreciate and value each person’s contribution
  • Experience the power of group synergy
  • Break down the ‘sound barriers’ and increase morale and engagement