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RIGHTCUBE ASIA offers a vast range of Management Soft Skills and Language Trainings to local companies, multinational companies, public listed companies as well as Government Linked Companies.

RIGHTCUBE ASIA differentiates itself in the market by providing customized training solutions to the industries of the clients, to best serve their needs and goals.

This is best achieved through writing, constructing, and delivering own course materials by our professional and knowledgeable trainers and consultants based on real experience.

Management Training

Management Training

Training strengthens the skills that each employee needs to improve.

By continuously training the employees, it will eventually generate a pool of competent employees that help the company to hold a leading position within the industry.

RIGHTCUBE ASIA provides a large range of training programs that cater to different needs of various companies.
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Learn Language

Language Training

Language plays a very crucial role in our day-to-day interaction with the people around us.

In today’s globalized world, language learning can really open new doors to you, in both your career path as well as personal life.

RIGHTCUBE ASIA offers a full range of language programs specially designed for participants from elementary level to advance level. Read More

Check Out Our Classes / Workspaces

Training can be conducted at either the client’s office premises or in hotels/other suitable facilities according to the client requirement.

We pride ourselves on being able to meet the clients’ needs in having the required training customised according to the client’s environment and culture.